Create photo contests easily from your Facebook fan page


Your fans take part sharing photos from their smartphones


If your fans are taking photos with their smartphones…Why your contests are not in their smartphones?

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What is Wittpic?

Wittpic is the photo contest app. Create a fun photo contest from Facebook and your fans will take part using their smartphones. Award the best images, create visual content for your brand and bring engagement to the next level.

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How does it work?

Now you can organize a photo competition for your fans by simply installing the tab on your Facebook page. Encourage users to participate from their smartphones and deliver virtual prizes (topspots) and real prizes to the winners.

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  • Install the tab in your Facebook page
  • Launch a photo contest
  • Reward the best photos

Why should I use Wittpic?

Next-level engagement

  • Your fans take part with their photos
  • Reward their best creations
  • Digitally activate your brand community

Content marketing

  • Generate visual content for marketing
  • Spontaneous, user generated content
  • Boost your branding in social networks

100% mobile

  • Push notifications of your contests
  • Geo-locate your contests to an area
  • Boost participation with our community

Start now creating photo contests

Install Wittpic in your Facebook fan page and start organizing photo contests in the most innovative format! Don't worry, we won't publish a thing without your permission.

Download the app to your smartphone

Why don't you checkout our mobile app? It's free!

Brands that currently use Wittpic

  • paramount2
  • Melocos
  • facundo
  • Universal